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  2017: Women’s Enterprise Development (WED) Programme
  The Women’s Enterprise Development (WED) Project revolves round a financial mechanism established by PRDA for providing financial support to the members of the Women’s Savings Organizations which are a sub-sect of the CBOs affiliated to PRDA. The WED scheme facilitates bigger loans for emerging entrepreneurs whose financial needs for productive activities cannot be met through the comparatively smaller loans provided by the village level revolving funds as well as for those village level women entrepreneurs who cannot comply with the rigid eligibility criteria required by commercial banks. Since its inception in 2011, the scheme has provided credit facilities for the income generating activities of 155 CBO members to the value of Rs. 15,030,000.00 The size of an individual loan ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs.200,000. Loan repayment stands at 100 percent.
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