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News and Events

  2017: PRDA run Libraries in Mirissa and Chilaw
  The Sri Pragnaloka Public Library located in the Sri Sunandarama Temple premises in Mirissa contains over 6000 books while the Nalanda Public Library located at the PRDA Centre in Chilaw has a collection of 6838 books. The books have been either purchased by PRDA or else donated by other well-wishers. PRDA and INASIA (Initiative for Research and Development in Asia} provide an annual contribution of new reading material to both Libraries to update the users with new knowledge and information. Both libraries are extensively used by their 1384 members as well as by the general public. The Chilaw Library maintains a special section for the use of children and several motivational programmes such as art, essay and short story competitions as well as exhibitions of creative writing are conducted to promote the reading habit among children and to enhance their skills.
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