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  Guidance and Support for Self-Employment
  Liyaabhimana is a development programme that aims at empowering rural women through supporting their self-employment activities. The programme is implemented in the Gampaha district under the leadership of Mrs. Pushpa Rajapaksha and guidance from the Hon. Basil Rajapaksha, the Minister of Economic Development. The members of the Kantha Ithurum Parshrama (Womenís Savings Organisations) of PRDA in the Gampaha district are linked to this Liyaabhimana programme. The programme aims at introducing self-employment opportunities for women by enhancing their  knowledge, skills and capacities. Around 500 women have so far benefitted from this programme.
  The members of the womenís organizations received a variety of trainings which included anthurium cultivation, sewing, handicraft making, weaving, growing ornamental plants, house-keeping, short eats making etc. The trainees were also provided with material support to initiate income generating activities. Such support included anthurium plants and green houses, budded garden plants and fertilizer, sewing machines, milking cows, sealers for packaging spices, weaving machines with necessary equipment, ornamental plants etc. The families of women also received financial assistance for the education of their children and material assistance needed for construction of toilets and housing roofs.
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