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News and Events

  A Painting Competition
  A competition of paintings was organized by the members of the Nalanda Library of PRDA to mark the World Children’s Day in 2013. The competition was held on 12th October 2013 with the aim of promoting artistic talents and abilities of the school children in and around Chilaw area. The panel of judges included three school teachers from different schools in Chilaw.
  A total of 110 children participated in this programme and each of them received a certificate. Awards were also given to the children who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the competition, in addition to the merit certificates awarded.
  The winners of the painting competition were;
Junior Competition 01 K.M. Dhamoshi Savindya – Grade 8, Ch/ Ananda National College
  02 Praveen Dineth Liyanage – Grade 8, Ch/ St Mary’s Boys College
  03 S.M. Nipuna Nilupul – Grade 9, Ch/ Ananda National College
Senior Competition 01 M.A.L Mahela Lowe – Grade 11, Ch/ St Mary’s Boys College
  02 A.P. Govindi Sankalpani – Grade 12, Ch/ Ananda National College
  03 W. Rumesh Himidius Fernando – Grade 10, Ch/ St Mary’s Boys College


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