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News and Events

  English and Information Technology Education Programme conducted at the Nalanda Nenasala
  On February 12th 2009, the Nalanda Nenasala Chilaw situated at 1, Ebert Silva Estate Colombo Road Chilaw re-invented the Nenasla concept by introducing a number of novel programmes. This coincided the launch of the Year of English and IT Programme by His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka.
  The focus of the new programme is to offer Nenasala users and students the opportunity of getting an overall exposure to job oriented English and Information Technology training. The Nalanda Nenasala is equipped with advanced information technology. Facilities available at Nenasala includes internet, email, skype, photocopying, bookbinding, duplo printing, fax and other facilities.
  IT Programme
  NIIT Sri Lanka has joined partnership with PRDA to conduct the Microsoft certified Unlimited Potential Programme. This programme will cover word-processing, spreadsheets, presentation skills, database design and management, principles of Internet technology and email architecture and fundamentals of web designing.  The trainees who complete the course successfully will be awarded a certificate from Microsoft. which is a globally recognized software institution.
  Spoken English
  The job oriented Spoken English courses offered at the Nenasala  adopt interactive teaching methods such as multimedia presentations, audio books, DVD screenings etc. The teacher in-charge had received a special training in teaching spoken English at the English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad India.
  The library affiliated to the Nalanda Nenasala has over 6000 high quality books on a range of subjects. Very soon, available resources in the library will be further complemented with Audio CDs, DVDs and associated English language learning material. All material is catalogued and available for easy reference using a centralized library management system.
  Students at the Nalanda Nenasala will benefit from advances in teaching technology. Those in need of financial support to follow offered courses can obtain merit based scholarships at the Nanasala.
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