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  Photographing the masks at the Sri Sunandaramaya temple in Mirissa, Matara
  Deities, demons and magic form part of the popular beliefs of the Sinhalese and are closely associated with the folk culture, rituals, healing practices and play in Sri Lanka. Despite the gradual disappearance of these belief systems, rituals and dramas with rapid socio-economic changes in the country, attempts have been made by many scholars and others to preserve these traditional rituals and drama for the benefit of the future generations.

Sri Sunandaramaya temple in Mirissa is one of the religious centres that have strived to protect and preserve a large number of original masks of deities and demons that it inherited and used in folk rituals, healing practices and drama in the ancient times. They are still being used in rituals and ceremonies annually organized by the temple. PRDA took the initiative to photograph these masks and preserve them in electronic form. The photography was conducted by an international photographer, John Mostard from Montreal, Canada and they are now available in a CD at the public library and the Nanasala located in the premises of the Mirissa temple.

Collection of masks at Sri Sunandaramaya temple, Mirissa
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