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News and Events

  New Year celebrations with CBO members
  PRDA celebrated the 2008 Sinhala and Hindu New Year along with the members of its CBOs. The Avurudu festival was held on 29th April at the premises of the PRDA Centre in Chilaw. The Executive Director of PRDA, Mrs. Shanti Fernando who participated in the celebrations made the following observations.
  “We had the Avurudu festival yesterday. 115 women from 31 CBOs attended. It was a really…. really…. fun day for women. Like in Mirissa, everyone was in the dancing and play mood and really enjoyed themselves. No age barriers! We felt that this year was the most successful festival since it was organized by women (no men were involved) and they did everything, as they wanted!!  Renuka and Uththara did what they were asked to do. I (old lady) of course sat on a chair; enjoyed myself endorsing the empowerment of women in PRDA.
  Hariot, led the programme while Kalyani compeered; Ranjani, Soma and Seela looked after the food distribution; and Saruwath prepared on the spot by Soma's husband, Christopher (voluntarily) made us happier than ever!!!
  Kumari was at her best at the Aurudu festival and managed the sound system very well. She was in a redda-hettaya looking smart; running all over organizing the events. She joined with the Gampaha jing-band and enjoyed herself thoroughly.
  Kalyani, at the end requested an ice cream to carry for her husband Siri. I told her by the time when you go to Wilpotha, you will only have the stick of the pop-sickle!”

CBO members in Avurudu Kreeda (Festival of games and sports)

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