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News and Events

  Monthly meetings of the Women’s Organizations 2013-2014
  The Kantha Iturum Parishrama, (Women’s Savings Organizations), which are affiliated to PRDA, conduct their monthly meetings to discuss their status of welfare activities, revolving loan funds and the loans provided under the Women’ Economic Development (WED) programme. Meetings are held at PRDA’s training centre in Chilaw. These meetings are also the venue for conducting short training courses and awareness building programmes for women. The progress of activities conducted by the organizations and their problems and issues are also reviewed at these meetings. Some of the activities conducted at these meetings were as follows.
Date of the CBO Meeting Special awareness programmes conducted
2013/02/13 Awareness prgramme on Divineguma Programme conducted by Mr. Chandrasiri, Assistant Divisional Secretary of Chilaw
2013/03/13 Awareness programme on the advantages of obtaining loans from the WED Loan Project.
2013/09/11 Awareness programme on home gardening conducted by Mr. Sumeda Bandara and Mr. Indika, Agricultural Instructors of the North-Western Province.
2014/01/08 & 02/05 A dress-making training on saree-jacket making by Mrs. Shiromi.
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