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News and Events

  Flood  relief aid for affected members of the Kantha Ithurum Parishrama in Wiarankattuwa and Weliwewa
  Several members of the Kantha Ithurum Parishrama (Women’s Savings Organizations) in Wairankattuwa and Weliwewa were severely affected by the December 2012 floods. A number of  houses were damaged. Livelihood activities such as prawn farming, animal husbandry, brick kilns, ornamental plant beds, retail groceries, dress-making centres and carpentry workshops were affected by the floods. PRDA initiated a programme to provide relief aid to families of 25 members of the Women’s Savings Organizations in Wairankattuwa and Weliwewa. Dry rations, bed sheets, towels etc. were distributed on 9th January 2013. Members from the Women’s Savings Organizations in Gampaha also made significant contributions to this endeavour. Cement bags were provided to a member of Weliwewa Women’s Savings Organization to help her to re-construct her damaged house.
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