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About PRDA



PRDA in Brief
  People's Rural Development Association (PRDA) is an innovative non-profit, non-governmental organization incorporated in 1989 under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka, limited by guarantee and the Certificate of Registration of Voluntary Social Services/Non Governmental Organization under Voluntary Social Services Organizations (Registration & Supervision) Act No.31 of 1980 as amended by Act No.8 of 1998 (Registration No: L 76315, Date: 20.10.2003).
  PRDA has community based programmes in the Puttalam, Gampaha, Matara and Hambantota districts of Sri Lanka. It is a facilitator of participatory rural community development with a strong reflective and research orientation. PRDA strives to attain institutional self-sustenance through innovative financial mechanisms while reducing its dependency on donor funds.
  PRDA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives of development oriented NGOs, development oriented grassroots organizations and the national business and professional communities who give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. The various viewpoints reflecting their different disciplines and occupations significantly enrich the deliberations of the Association.
  The association is administered by a Management Committee of the Board consisting of three Directors that overlooks the day to day operations of the Association.
  2017 Funding: PRDA is not a donor dependent NGO. Since 2011, PRDA did not receive any external funding from donor agencies. Both its management costs as well as costs related to its field level programmes have been covered by the interest incomes generated from the investments of PRDA’s Central Capital Fund.
  2017 Management of PRDA: The Governing Council of PRDA which meets twice a year sets the necessary policy directions for the organization and empowers the Executive Director of PRDA to make the necessary operational decisions necessary for the management of the organization.


PRDA's Vision
  Enhancing the economic and social well-being of the rural poor and particularly the women in Sri Lanka and building their institutional capacities


PRDA's Mission

Mobilization of the rural poor into community based organizations with a democratic governance structure and culture.

Developing support programmes for the lowest income categories of the village on the basis of village development plans evolved through a micro level participatory planning process.

Providing technical and other support services to rural communities in designing and implementing participatory village development plans.

Promotion of micro and small scale entrepreneurship as a means towards the empowerment of the poor.

Increasing access to support services for the rural poor such as capital, technology, management, markets training and information.

Strengthening social capital and institutional capacities of rural poor women.

Intervention in post disaster situations in rural communities and in disaster management.


PRDA's Approach
  All PRDA interventions at community level are planned and implemented through Community Based Organizations (CBOs) which are responsible for;
Mobilizing membership and managing a democratic governance structure
Strengthening solidarity among members
Identifying community needs through micro level participatory planning
Formulating participatory village development plans
Implementing village development plans which includes interventions for economic, social, cultural, educational and environmental development of the communities
Monitoring and evaluating development activities and processes and their impact
Generating member savings
Managing Revolving Funds
Building the financial assets base of the CBOs
Facilitating credit for the economic and social needs of the members
Linking potential women entrepreneurs with commercial banks and other relevant agencies.
Building linkages with service delivery organizations and accessing resources and services


Beneficiaries of PRDA
Disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in rural communities
Rural communities that have been the victims of natural disasters
Poor rural women
Women micro entrepreneurs
Women headed households
Persons with disabilities
Displaced families
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